Quebec sibling pop duo, MxE, rocketed into the public eye after their first smash hit, “Live It Up,” was picked up into heavy rotation on Quebec City’s #1 pop station, 102.1 CKOI. Battling against other already established dance heavyweights, “Live It Up” sped up the charts in November 2018, gaining the most votes ever in a 24-hour period and beating out LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” to take the #1 spot on the CKOI chart. From there..

Blue Stories

My parents offered me to change school when I was 7 to go to a music school. My mom went to that same school at a young age and learnt music there. I accepted, more because my mom thought this was good for me than because I wanted to. I was not someone with difficulties making new friends anyway. I took piano and drums private classes for ten years there, sang in churches and festivals and discovered music through classical and contemporary songs. Then, I played drums and sang..

Patch Safari

Patch Safari is a Montreal-based production duo formed in 2017 by Roxane Durand and Julien Turmel. When they met in 2012, Julien, a DJ and indie songwriter, had been working as a Tv music composer/producer for 15 years. Roxane was a young aspiring producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer who had spent her teenage years learning how to produce electronic music in her parents basement...


Gracie is a blooming RNB/Soul/Jazz artist who is ready to make her mark in the Toronto music scene. The 24 year old has had dreams of playing music since she was 12 years old. At 14 she began playing piano and guitar and writing her own songs. Her influences have included a drastically wide range of music. It started off with classic rock legends such as Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Pink Floyd and Ozzy Osbourne...

Bingo Field

I guess it all started with the drumming. First on the living room sofa, then on the Smurf's cardboard jazz kit offered by my late grandma on the best Christmas ever, playing Van Halen's "Jump" and Nena's "99 Luftballoons" till the complete destruction of the said kit. Eventually came in the red Dixon 7 piece, and that was it for sports...