About Us

Prime Time Music 360 is a Montreal-based music label that designed a hit factory model streamlining the process of finding, nurturing, tuning and launching emerging Pop, Alternative, Triple A, Adult Contemporary & HOT Adult Contemporary artists on the international scene, thus increasing chances of scoring a top 10 international hit. What differentiates us is that most of the Quebec artists have opportunities to perform in French but not many people are specializing in the English markets for canadian artists.

We have an understanding the key attributes for an artist to rise in the Pop, Alternative, Triple A A/C, Hot A/C and Indie Rock niches, we use alternative channels to test waters and then are able to get The Big Three’s attention, as long as we continue to identify exciting talents.

Our first Canadian radio hit was with the group “The Suits XL” managed by a partnership with Universal. The song ranked #4 on two radio formats (HOT AC and AAA) for a period of 2 months. Revenues generated were over $150k.

We also had a live show hit and derivatives hit with the group Duke Squad. Duke Squad was a tween band that we managed for several years. We generated $150k in live shows and derivatives. All 5 videos went top #1 on Musique Plus and the biggest one reached 225,000 views.

Lately we have been working with Gracie and Bingo Field who will both be released in 2018.


François Lachance